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Move Your Couch

This page is named “Move Your Couch,” because of freedom. The freedom to mount your flatscreen TV where ever you want in your living room. The freedom to put your end tables where it most makes sense. The freedom to arrange your bedroom however is most comfortable or appealing to you. The freedom to do whatever you want in your home or business and not be limited by where a switch is, or an outlet, or where the cable and data locations are. Here at Kite And Key Electric, “Your Electrician” is prepared to give you that freedom. You’ve always wanted a lamp at that specific spot in your room. Now you can have it. No matter what layout you want for your furniture, paintings, pictures, TVs, or lamps, we have a solution.

Now of course there are many reasons to call “Your Electrician.” Some are emergencies, some are needs, and some are desires. When you choose an electrical contractor you want to know that whatever you need done to your home or business, it can be done in a cost-effective manner with a priority on the quality of work performed. The saying “you get what you pay for,” is very true. Kite and Key Electric provides “Your Electrician” at the “right price”. That means our electricians can focus on getting the job done correctly and not try to cut corners. Our goal is that we can prove Kite And Key Electric is an electrical contractor you can trust.


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Troubleshooting can be a very frustrating need when it comes to your electrical wiring system in your home or business. You may have wiggled some wires, flipped some breakers, or pushed some buttons, but nothing happens. Then you start getting concerned that the problem may be dangerous and a possible fire hazard might be in the works. Our imagination can run wild, especially when we don’t know much about a certain subject.


Let us put your mind at ease. Even though some electrical problems can lead to fires or electrocution, it is not common, but should remain a serious concern. When you call Kite And Key Electric, our electricians are trained to find the problem in an efficient manner. There are steps we have learned through experience and education that can narrow the troubleshooting process to finding the problem. Many times it is something simple, but when its not we can give you options on what repairs are needed and take care of them immediately. For more information, please click here and send us a message.
When you have exhausted all available options or just want us to take care of your electrical issue right away, give us a call and let us be “Your Electrician.”

Need More Lighting or Outlets?


Are you frustrated with your kitchen lighting? Do you wish you could see better in your bathroom? Do you want an extra outlet in your living room or an extra cable outlet on a different wall so you can rearrange your furniture? Would you like to see your landscaping at night? Do you have high-end electronics that need to be protected from lightning or surges?
If you live in the Baltimore City area, Kite And Key Electric has a solution for you. Recess can lights are a great way to add light to any room. We can add outlets in your rooms without having to patch holes into your walls, and yes we can install cable and data outlets to give you more freedom with where you put your TV or computer. Landscape lighting is a great and cost-effective way to illuminate your outdoors. Whole house lightning and surge protectors that attach to your electrical panel are the best way to protect your large screen TV or computer network system.

Also when you have a problem, you need a qualified electrician. Kite And Key Electric has the qualifications to help you service your home or business in the Baltimore area. We have licensed electricians that have extensive training and years of experience to solve your problem in a professional and timely manner. When a light stops working, a receptacle is loose in the wall, a breaker keeps tripping, or any other electrical issues, not only can we help you, but we “will” help you. No matter the problem, there is always a solution and we will find it in a timely manner. Give Kite And Key Electric a call and let us be “Your Electrician.”

Why Should you call “Your Electrician” for a ceiling fan installation?


Safety is the primary reason. Many times a fan is installed where a light fixture used to be. The problem is that the electrical box used is only rated for a light fixture that weighs a few pounds.

As in the above examples, most electrical light fixture boxes are plastic. This is NOT rated for a fan installation, but many times we find fans mounted to them, either by a previous homeowner or a handyman. When a fan is mounted on this electrical box, the weight of the fan may make the box sag, because the brace is thin that spans the trusses. Also the screws that hold the fan up are screwed into plastic. You can imagine the movement of the fan is going to eventually wear out those screw holes and the fan will fall down.


This is an example of a fan rated box. An electrical box rated for a fan is very strong and can hold up any ceiling fan. They are designed to mount to the trusses in a way that will ensure the fan is safe and secure. As you can see the brace is very thick and the box is metal. One of the good indicators of an incorrect fan installation is if the fan wobbles. Ceiling fans do this when mounted to a weak light fixture box such as the plastic box above.


Kite And Key Electric only sends “Your Electrician” to install a ceiling fan in a safe, code approved manner. We do not take short cuts. If we find a location with a plastic box or any unsafe box, it is required to change this box out with a fan rated box such as the one in the image above. If the wiring needs to be changed, updated, or repaired, it will be done according to national code.
Also if you have a room that doesn’t have any kind of fixture in the ceiling or a means to install one, we can add it along with a switch wherever you would like. “Your Electrician” is an expert at cutting in new locations into your ceilings or walls for devices (switches, receptacles, etc.), or ceiling mounted fixtures.
If you are wondering if your fan is mounted to a fan rated electrical box, Kite And Key Electric will gladly inspect them for you.

So if you need a fan installed or added into any room in your home or business, Kite And Key Electric is ready to send “Your Electrician” out to you.

3 Ways To Save Money

Today we are always looking for ways to save money, especially in these economic times. The following 4 ways may not be new to you in savings on your utility bill, but maybe the reminders here will help encourage you to make some changes around your home or business that will make a difference.


1. Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

According to an article in US News & World Report:


Baltimore ElectricianEach cone-shaped spiral CFL costs about $3, compared with 50 cents for a standard bulb. But a CFL uses about 75 percent less energy and lasts five years instead of a few months. A household that invested $90 in changing 30 fixtures to CFLs would save $440 to $1,500 over the five-year life of the bulbs, depending on your cost of electricity. Look at your utility bill and imagine a 12 percent discount to estimate the savings.

FAQ: The End of the Light Bulb as We Know it
US News & World Report, 19 December 2007


Here in Baltimore, the savings is even more! Our utitlity company, BGE, subsidizes CFL light bulbs. If you go to Home Depot or Lowe’s, you can buy a 12 pack of 60 watt equivelant CFL’s for $7.97. That’s 66 cents a bulb! Now’s a great time to save.

And for those that are concerned of the mercury in CFLs, click here for an informative video on why incandescent bulbs are responsible for more mercury.

2. Operate Ceiling Fans According to


During the Winter.


Electrician in BaltimoreCeiling fans are commonly linked with warm weather therefore many people don’t realize that ceiling fans can also help warm up a room in the winter months. The ceiling fan direction in winter should be rotating clockwise or reverse. Warm air rises and gets trapped near the ceiling so when the ceiling fan direction is in reverse mode it circulates the warm air from the ceiling to the floor helping take the chill out of the air. Without a ceiling Fan the warm air would continue to be trapped near the ceiling and the floor level would continue to stay cold. The reverse mode only works if the fan is on low. If you have the fan on a higher speed you will create a wind chill effect that you don’t want since it is already cold. Some ceiling fans now come with a wall or remote control that has a forward/reverse option so you can change the direction of the Fan with a push of a button.

During the Summer.

On hot sticky summer days nothing can beat the breeze you feel from a ceiling fan. (Trust me I should know I lived in Florida) A ceiling fan’s direction in the summer should be rotating counter clockwise or forward to produce a Wind Chill effect by the downward airflow. The thermostat won’t actually change but the room will seem several degrees cooler due to the wind chill factor. You can save on air conditioning bills by placing ceiling fans throughout your home. According to Casablanca Fan Company when you are using a ceiling fan you can then “raise the thermostat setting, resulting in reduced air conditioning energy consumption of 40% or more” while still keeping your room cool.

Ceiling Fan Direction, 4 February 2010

If you need a fan in any room or if your fan does not go in reverse, call “Your Electrician” at Kite And Key Electric and we can help get your heating or cooling bill lower.

3. Motion Switches

Baltimore ElectricianWe have all come across a bedroom, closet, or bathroom that has a light on. More times than we would like to admit, that light has been on for hours and quite possibly days if its a low use room such as closet. A great solution to keeping these lights off are motion-activated light switches.


Motion-activated switches are a great money saving and environmentally friendly way of keeping unneeded lights off. They come with shut-off timers that you can set for 5 minute, 10 minute, 30 minute, and other denomination depending on the switch you purchase. And then of course a convenient feature is the lights turn on as soon as you enter the room. In high traffic rooms, these motion switches are not as effective, but there are many low traffic rooms where these switches will be beneficial.